Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Deep Thinking for the Day

So I was thinking yesterday about what the phrase "woman of truth" really meant to me.  I had some positive thoughts toward it, but also some anxious thoughts. A woman of truth to me seems to be a gal who is determined to live in honesty with herself, her family, her friends, co-workers, teachers, boyfriend/husband, and even strangers.  Being a woman of truth to me also seems to mean that a gal needs to know what truth is.....even who Truth is (this second part "who Truth is" I will address at a later date).

To live honestly in front of others and ourselves is SUPER difficult on our own strength. However, to live like this is SUPER powerful in the way we live each day. 

One thing immediately comes to mind about this thought of being a woman of truth.  I'm pretty sure it doesn't mean that we just say whatever is on our minds to whoever is in ear shot of our words all for the sake of being honest or truthful.  That's being stupid.  A woman of truth is someone who bases her life on the teachings in God's Word. God's Word is FULL of insights and wisdom about how to be the best and most effective person in the company of others. The book of Proverbs is a great place to go for that topic. God doesn't want us to end up in the category of "stupid".  haha!

Since God made each of us so uniquely detailed in every other way, He cares about the details of us.....the details of our character.  He knows that our words can be powerfully injuring to others OR (this one I like much better) powerfully healing to others. Thus, God gave us a field guide, God's Word/the Holy Bible to help us out so we are becoming women of truth instead of women of confusion/deceit.  So, if we ground our thoughts and the basis of our actions in God's Word, it will help us know what to say where and in whose company to say it.  Also, we will know how to be honest with ourselves.

Being honest with ourselves is sometimes even more difficult than being honest with someone else.  We sometimes want to tell ourselves false truths to make ourselves feel better about things like: a huge blunder we might have just caused between two of our friends or about specific hang-ups or habits we have in our lives that are really not good for our minds/our bodies at all, but we choose to keep them as part of our daily routine. Well, I've been there, done that, in all the categories or areas that I mentioned above. It is NO FUN to be dishonest with myself. It may not seem that way at first, but give it time and I'd feel like junk.

Being honest with myself basically comes down to realizing I need Someone to rescue me.....from me.  I may be a silly redheaded gal that has a happy life of a great husband, wonderful family and friends and a rewarding job, but I know if all of you ever (which you won't) got a glimpse into the core of me....into my mind, you'd see that there is a need....a GREAT need for a Savior. And I'd wager you could say the same about you.
Last thought:  (whew! I write alot.)
Also being honest with ourselves doesn't mean that we puff ourselves up with pride because we are just being honest about our wonderful gifts and talents "and the whole world should know how stinkin' good I am at this....that...and the other".  It's very obvious that if we acted those kinds of thoughts out, immediately the "whole world" is going to wish they discovered those things about us on their own instead of us flaunting them.  So, being real with ourselves, we can acknowledge what we are good at or even great at doing, but we need to see that we are also fallen people. We are all people who really need significance to be found in something that never makes mistakes...Someone who never makes mistakes and is unchanging.

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