Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Not for the Weak

Anyone want to be described as the following?
wimp, baby, caitiff, chicken heart, chicken liver, chicken, coward, cream puff, crybaby, daisy, featherweight, fraidy-cat, jellyfish, lily liver, loser, milksop, momma's boy, namby-pamby, pansy, pantywaist, puppy, pushover, scaredy-cat, schlemiel, sissy, wuss, wussy, yellowbelly

These are synonyms for the words wimp, weak, and pushover. (thanks to google thesaurus)

For as long as I have been considered an adult, I have been trying to figure out why Christians look down on their brothers and sisters in Christ who are pursuing a pure life. It's not easy, nor wussy. It takes great courage, great mental effort, and great discipline. People love to make fun of those who keep their lives clear of the "evils" of our world. Fellow "Christians" find it a fun past-time to point out the folks who are attempting to keep their slate clean.  

What's up with that?!  Are you offended by what I just said?  Have you made fun of folks living with a open hatred toward stuff that is wicked and evil? Maybe that's why you're offended. I don't apologize because that's not something I should apologize for. I encourage you to let these thoughts sink in, sister. Living a life of purity is NOT for the faint of heart.  Without the strength that comes from God's Holy Spirit, we cannot live life least for very long.  It's just not natural for humans to exist with a clean slate. Duh! That statement is no revelation to anyone. It's clear through the history of time.

What I am trying to get at is....that this is the beginning of many posts on the topic of purity.  I haven't posted a blog on this very often because I, too, deal with the understanding that I fail at being pure at all times. I struggle exposing these truths because I am aware that I will be ridiculed for believers no doubt. It's such a passion of mine to seek a life of purity and I will later explain just why I want that lifestyle, but it is SO hard to express it to an audience I can't see. I would LOVE for you to see my face, to see that I am SO serious about living a life of purity. I am SO serious about taking on the challenge, the hardships, the "sacrifices" of a pure lifestyle....of a pure heart......of a pure mind. Why?  That is what I will write about next.

To be continued...