Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Profoundly and Amazingly Simple

It has taken all week to write another post because I was waiting for something profound to come to my mind to write. (Trust me, I know even if I came up with something profound to write, my grammar would be so bad that it would ruin the profoundness of it anyway. haha!! That's another reason why it took me nine months to decide to start writing a blog and sharing it with others to read. haha!)  However, the only thing that can always be profound to write is that God loved us (the whole world) so much that He gave His one and only Son so that whosoever believes in Him will not perish, but will have eternal life. (that's a little version of John 3:16 for ya).

Why do I need to have something profound to say?  God has already said it. He still continues to say it; through His Word (the Holy Bible), through His people who carry His Spirit in them, through His beautiful creation.  God is telling us everyday of His deep and abiding love for us. We just need to be listening and looking for His messages. Closer to home.....I need to be listening.  And once we who are listening and seeking have heard, we should be changed forever for the better because we have heard from the Living God!

Hmmm, this gets me thinking.  Many times we "write off" the idea that God speaks to us.....the "normal Christians".  We might think that was just for the old folks in the Bible stories, or that's for the popes, priests, pastors and other super righteous people out there somewhere.  Personally, I believe God speaks to me.  My best way to hear Him is in my mind and through His Word.  I really can't explain it.  I am just grateful that Christ Jesus made a way for me to hear the Almighty God.  Because Jesus came and conquered death by rising from the dead, He made it possible for His Holy Spirit to come and live in each person who confesses Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of their lives.  It's like having live chat on all the time with the Creator of the Universe.  It's like having an all access pass to the throne of God.  Whenever I want, I can talk to God, petition God, worship God through word, deed and song. And the cool part is...HE HEARS IT AND RESPONDS!

If you haven't surrendered to your Maker, the King of Love, the Almighty God, you are missing out on knowing the One who made you.  I, too, was missing out on knowing Him before I put my trust in Christ.  I urge you, to know Him today. Trust Him today. Be made new today. Go from living "in the dark" to walking daily in the light because you have the Spirit of the Living God inside you speaking to you, guiding you and showing you His ways.  It's all available by believing in Jesus Christ and confessing you need a Savior from yourself....your sins.  I made that decision as a ten year old. I made a decision to accept Christ's forgiveness for my sins, cleanse me and make me new from the inside out.  It's not like all my "issues" went away, but I suddenly had the Creator of the Universe's Spirit living in me to guide me and give me LIFE in my every day of living here on this Earth.

Come with me this week and seek Him who saves.  Let us seek Him daily, listen to His commands and guidance, move forward sharing His amazing Love with all who we know, honor Him by following His commands and guidance.  Let us be women of Truth because all around us there are people who need to see and hear and feel and know Truth.......Christ.  Jesus Christ said "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life" and He said no one comes to the Father (God) except through Him.  So, even on the days that don't seem to be very profound, let us live knowing the truth of that......every day is profound because we Christians serve a Living God!

My toolbar here on the post administration page continually gives me the option to click a button that states: SAVE NOW. So, this is what I ask God right now.  Lord, save now.  Rescue all my friends and even those I don't know from the dark and the grip of sin. Save now, LORD, and bring them into the marvelous light of the Son you love, Jesus Christ. Give them the strength to trust in You.  Amen.