Monday, June 18, 2012

Building the Team--A Prayer Request

Dear friends,
As you might already know, my husband and I are both full-time ministers to the college students at West Chester University of Pennsylvania.  We are devoted to sharing the love of God and the message of Jesus Christ to the students of West Chester, PA and beyond.  It has been a privilege to encourage, support, motivate, challenge and share the Good News of Christ to college students these past eight years---first at Penn State University and for the past 5 years at West Chester University. 

What you might not know is that our income is completely from financial support team members; whether that be one-time, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or annual financial gifts.  The team members consists of individuals, organizations and churches...and even bible study groups.  There is no set rate of expected monetary gift.  Each team member has decided what the LORD wants them to give.  All financial gifts go through the Mission Service Corps office at North American Mission Board and every penny is then sent to us.  We live trusting in our Lord to provide for our every need through the givings of our friends, family and even strangers.  Our Lord has always met our needs and we believe He will continue to do so as we choose to serve Him wherever we are.

This summer, we are looking to share the opportunity to many more people---to share how they can become financial and prayer support team members of our ministry to the students and staff of West Chester University of PA.  These past two years, we have not been fully funded and are living on about 60% of the budget needed to live in this part of the country.  Our goal is to get our support level to the 100% mark by the end of this summer. If you are curious how much more we would need to be able to live in this area of West Chester, PA, it will be about $1300 more a month. 

My husband Brodie and I would like to ask you to pray and ask God if He is calling you to partner with us and join our support team.  God knows who He wants on our team and we don't so we just open this opportunity up to anyone the Lord leads us to.  I have been feeling a tug on my heart for several months now to write this post, but have been nervous to bring this up on my blog. However, here I am writing this to you and I will leave the results in God's His leading.  Please pray about this and let me know via e-mail if you are even interested.

Some folks will ask us what is a common amount given by one individual to our ministry on a monthly basis.  The common amount per family is $50/ month.  However, there are some who give more and some who give less----and that amount is and will always be completely up to them and God.  ALL of the giving we receive is a great blessing and helps us to continue ministering in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

We have a new way for people to join our team, it is a direct website address to our account at North American Mission Board.  

You may enter that website directly from this link:

A simple e-mail to me is also just fine.  I will be able to give you the information you need.
My e-mail address is:

Thank you so much for reading this and praying about joining our ministry's financial support team!!  And as always, we are greatly appreciative of folks to commit to being on our prayer support team. Please let us know that desire as well via e-mail.

Becky Smith
Associate director of CrossSeekers Campus Ministry