Monday, August 1, 2011

The Fog is Lifting

These last four or five weeks have been so refreshing for me. I have been enjoying being outside in the summer sunshine each day; going on walks with my family to the park or into the historic downtown of West Chester where we live.  This past year has been quite an adventure for me and my family.  My husband and I became parents in March of 2010. We have a strong and happy baby boy.  He is so precious!!  Okay, back to my statement about these past few weeks being so refreshing. 

The months of May and June are so delightful to me. In May weather finally warms up here in Pennsylvania, flowers begin to sprout and trees bloom in bright reds, pinks, yellows and whites, the birds return to the neighborhood and find their routine of calling to one another very loudly at 5am each day, and the ice cream trucks make their melodic and very annoying rounds through the neighborhoods of our borough drawing all the little kiddos out to get pushup pops and other funny named ice cream treats. Also many of the people in our little neighborhood are daily out in the town walking their dogs, running, biking, skateboarding or cruising in their low rider cars throughout the streets of West Chester; all of them seem to have a goal of soaking up as much daylight as they can before the summer is over.  
West Chester, PA is kind of like a make-believe least to me it seems that way.  All of it's rhythms of life in West Chester make it a special place to be; especially in the summer. There seems to be a festival, an art show, a jazz/swing dance night, a parade, a bike race or a run happening every weekend of the summer.  The town will block off two of the main streets in downtown WC to have these festivities and thus all other traffic gets to learn how serious our town takes recreation in the summer.  And so, with that crazy description, THAT is why the fog in my head is lifting.  

No more gloomy winter days for me right now.  I'm gonna enjoy each and every moment of these summer and autumn months before the world of white returns. Not that snow and Christmas decor and holiday scented candles and four wheel drive and big winter coats with thick fluffy scarfs and awesome winter boots that zip up over my calves isn't some of the most wonderful things to experience each year.  But, right now, it's summer.  Right now, it's time for swimming and fresh strawberry eating and hiking and grilling and picnicking and taking long walks through our beautifully landscaped neighborhood and eating ice cream at some of our favorite cold treats places.  (Sigh)  Besides the heat and the fact we have no air conditioning in our Jeep, summer is the most wonderful time of the year......according to me......this year.  haha!  Next year, though, who knows what I'll say about that. 

Hope you have a great day being grateful for summer sun and summer fun.

I am so glad that you have joined me in my pursuit of truth; my pursuit of daily being honest with myself and all those around me.  I will be blogging the thoughts that are on my mind and heart (the truth of me) and hopefully you will take some time to comment and start discussions on this blog that could challenge me and possibly all others who read this page.  I desire for this to be a tool to encourage, admonish and challenge every woman who sees this blogsite.  Also, I desire to have this place for me to write my thoughts, keep them organized here on this blog so that I can look back periodically at my view point of this world around me and see how far I've come or how far I've fallen. ha!

Let it be known now; truth still exists.  Truth can save your life.  There is a life of deception and confusion and there is a life of truth and peace.  I pursue the second life I just described. Will you join me?  If not, will you be willing to read my blog, become a follower of my goofy stories and comment on them?  I would love to hear from all of you.  Even if it is small answers. Your thoughts, and frankly, your life is valuable to me and more importantly to the One who made you.
Life is too short to not take seriously.  Life is too amazing to let it slip by unnoticed. From the smallest to the biggest things/events in my life, I know that they are important to me because it proves I am alive....that I have really lived.
Just a random thought: I choose to live to the very last second of my life.
Let's be honest with ourselves that we are in need of LIFE in this life. Sometimes, we feel this life is mundane, routine, depressing, smuthering, confusing, pointless and terrifying even. However, life doesn't have to be that way. We have the choice to pursue a different outcome and change our perspective for the better. I invite you to join me in looking for truth in all that you do each day.  Join me in being a woman of truth in all that you do each day. Once we find that LIFE, being a woman of truth, let's really live for the rest of our lives!