Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Month of Stories

Just wanted to invite you ladies to share your story....your true love story on this blog.  More specific, I want some of you to write up a brief version of your story of coming to faith in Christ Jesus.  Each one of us has a different journey and the story of how our journey began is powerful and so encouraging to others.  I would like us to work together on this.  Would you e-mail me your brief version of your Jesus story at:

I will let you be the guest blogger for my site that day.

This is the month of Valentine's and stories of love.  Let's fill this blog this month with stories of how we came to accept the unchanging, unconditional, forever available love of Christ.

WILL YOU JOIN ME IN SHARING YOUR STORY??  If you need to be anonymous, then send it through to me asking to be anonymous......OR just send it in the form of a comment on this blog post as an anonymous writer. I will then copy and paste it as a singular blog post.

WOMEN OF TRUTH!  GOD LOVES YOU!  I LOVE YOU!  Let us shine God's love this month.....and every month.  I am looking forward to hearing your stories.  Please take the time to share.