Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Looking and Longing

How many minutes have passed since the last time you thought about something that you are looking for...that you are longing for to happen in your life?  Most likely, once you've researched this briefly, you will find that not too many minutes have passed since you thought of that something.

We women have deep secrets that we don't even share with our closest friends. Some of those things are great longings and lookings that saturate our minds...in the deepest parts. Ever so often, one of those longings will be exposed simply because of life circumstances and stress. But for most part, we women are resilient to keep those things locked away and hidden from everyone.

However hidden we think we have these things, these hopes and dreams (that seem to be too silly to share with even our dearest friends or our spouse) are seen and known intimately by someone. That someone is the One, the Lord Jesus Christ...God the Father...and the Holy Spirit. These three persons are one; in the form of the Trinity. God knows our longings and lookings.

Secrets and heartaches and unspoken hopes and dreams can be very taxing to carry along. I encourage you to first, bring them before God...since He knows and sees them in your thoughts already. The effort to speak them out to God in a prayer is still a powerful thing. God knows. And God cares about them because He loves you with an everlasting love.

Has it always been this way in the history of women? Have we always kept so many things so far away from the ears of our closest and dearest friends...even our spouses?  Why do we do it, when there is so much freedom and peace in knowing someone else hears us and can help carry that dream and vision to completion.  So what, if our hopes and dreams sound silly to someone-- once they are spoken. I believe we should first bring them to God, as I have already stated, and allow God to minister to our hearts and minds about the content. Then, if there is a peace in our minds and hearts about it, we can learn ways in which to share our hopes and dreams with others. Perhaps one of our dearest and closest friends is the very person who can help that dream or goal become a reality.

This blog post is somewhat simple and completely 'out of the blue', but it is so important that we spend a bit of time on a regular basis allowing the Light of God shine into the depths of us and allow that light to illuminate those dreams and hopes we suppress. It very well might be that those dreams,...those hopes...those grand aspirations were planted there by God because He knows we will able to accomplish it!  We must not live so superficially that we miss out on really sharing life with those we call our confidants. And if you do not think you have a confidant currently--a dear friend who you can share anything with. You already do--in God.

The part about you trusting God...believing He is the true God...believing His Son Jesus is true---that's completely up to you. However, once you do believe...and trust, the Lord Jesus is the best friend, teacher and counselor to ever be. Even before his birth, an angel spoke about Jesus; that he shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Almighty God, Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace.

So, now I have to say it: get real, woman! You only live once. Let the glorious grace of God wash over you and your mind. Let him sort through the things rumbling in your heart. Allow Christ to look into your life and show you the great potential you have for great things; the things you have been dreaming of for years and years.  You have a grand purpose. Let us not let our insecurities and our cultures hold us back in this thing....this reality of admitting our longings, our hopes and dreams.

There is life in the truth. For us, it starts at the heart; being truthful with ourselves--about ourselves, then declaring those things to God. This is a beautiful way to embrace and proclaim truth to the world in which you live.

Get Real.
And I will strive to do the same.